LoRaWAN Board

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Mapping the Future: Introducing LoRaWAN Range Mapper v1.0

When embarking on the deployment of a LoRaWAN network, understanding your gateway coverage and assessing radio performance across various locations is paramount. A field tester becomes an invaluable asset in this endeavour, serving as a portable, user-friendly tool that aids in pinpointing optimal gateway locations and monitoring coverage within specific zones. As the Chirpstack network […]

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C1_Dev_v1.1 STM32-based LoRa Board

The C1_Dev_v1.1 is a high-performance STM32-based development board that seamlessly integrates LoRaWAN technology. At its core, it boasts the muRata chipset CMWX1ZZABZ-091, which has gained widespread recognition in the IoT realm for its exceptional capabilities. This module is a powerhouse, featuring the SX1276 transceiver from Semtech, a robust STM32 microcontroller, and a dedicated LoRaWAN stack. […]

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