AquaLoRa: Transforming Aquaponics with LoRaWAN Technology

An aquaponic system is a remarkable fusion of aquaculture and hydroponics, creating a bio-integrated environment that fosters mutual growth for aquatic life and plants. It hinges on a symbiotic relationship where fish in tanks produce ammonia-rich excretions, potentially hazardous to their well-being. However, the intervention of nitrifying bacteria transforms this ammonia into nitrites and nitrates, serving as essential nutrients for plants, thus establishing a harmonious synergy between the two components. The objective of our project is to employ Internet of Things (IoT) technology for real-time monitoring and control of aquaponics. Our system comprises sensors that meticulously measure pH levels, temperature, oxygen concentration, and electrical conductivity (EC). These sensors transmit data to a remote database via an STM32-based microcontroller, leveraging LoRaWAN technology for communication, renowned for its low power consumption, even allowing for solar-powered operation. The recorded parameters fall within acceptable ranges, ensuring the healthy growth of both aquatic life and hydroponic plants. Additionally, the system monitors water consumption and operates autonomously through four integral units: Data Acquisition, Data Transmission, Decision Making, and System Rectification, collectively ensuring optimal conditions for aquaponic success.

Technologies used

Hardware:- B-L072Z-LRWAN1 STM32 Board, PH sensor, Conductivity sensor, Water Level sensor, Dissolved Oxygen sensor, Flow sensor, Submersible pump, Temperature sensor, RGB Grow Light, Solenoid Valve, RTC Timer.

Software:- STM32 Cube IDE v1.12.0

Communication Technology:- LoRaWAN

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