UAV for Disaster Mitigation & Management: Open-Source Frame

Conceptual design model

In the field of open-source drone technology, our project takes a groundbreaking approach to address the challenges of disaster mitigation and management. At its core, we've developed a fully 3D printed conceptual design. This innovative drone features a customized power distribution board, APM 2.8 flight controller, MT3506 650KV motor, a 1045 propeller, 1800mAh battery, 40A 2-6S ESC, GPS functionality, and telemetry operating at 433MHz. Together, these carefully selected hardware components create a functional UAV capable of a commendable 10-minute flight time, making it a versatile tool for disaster-stricken areas. The seamless coordination of these components, guided by the Mission Planner software, reflects our commitment to creating accessible and adaptable drone technology for effective disaster response efforts on a global scale.

Fully 3D printed conceptual design

Technology Used:


  • Frame: 3D printed frame
  • Power Distribution Board: Customized
  • Flight Controller: AMP 2.8
  • Motor: MT3506 650KV
  • Propeller: 1045 Propeller
  • Battery: 1800 mAh, 30C, 3S LiPo
  • ESC: 40A 2-6S
  • GPS: Yes
  • Telemetry: 433MHz
  • Transmitter: Radiomaster TX16s
  • Receiver: X8R


  • Mission Planner

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